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Until the Road Ends 


Two friends Love and Marriage are excited about their long awaited road trip. They venture out having no road map to guide them, only memories of where they have been and often times not wanting to remember if they are able to go back. Love asks Marriage, are you ready for the road? Do you remember the roads through the mountains where the curves simply seem to drop off? Yes, replied marriage and I even remember the winding roads that followed. They both loved the straight roads because they could see what lies ahead and the road never seemed to end. Marriage confessed to Love, I get scared when we come to the crossroads especially without a map and we are faced with deciding which direction to go; do we take the same road together and figure the path out, take separate roads and look for ways out or go back the way we came together and start all over again.

Otis Teague


LoveLettersFromGod_Fontenot revision

LoveLettersFromGod_Fontenot revision

Sherman Scott

Sherman Scott



5.0 out of 5 Stars

Like my grandma always said


Like my grandma always said,"plain English is easily understood. " As I read Lest We Forget " I did not want to put it down. I saw myself and my story in twined in the pages. This book makes true believer stop and think about how they witness to lost souls and how they can rejoice in the love of God knowing He loves them where they are and no matter where they have been on their journey so far. Lest We Forget reminds us that the sweet love of Jesus will carry us thru. Don't miss a chance to enlighten your Christian walk.



Format: Paperback

​​ 5.0 out of 5 Stars

Understand ~ YOU have a purpose!

This review is from: Lest We Forget


I enjoyed this book! I love it when believers step out and share their spiritual journeys and the truths they've learned along the way. It's so important AND it's scriptural!! Oral Roberts told Charles Capps years ago to never stop sharing his experiences because they are windows people can see through. I so agree with that. There are stories people need to hear so that they can SEE that God is alive, good, and not only for us but also has a unique plan for each of our lives. I appreciate the truths and the transparency in this book and join Mr. Teague in the hopes it will truly bless others as well! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!



Format: Kindle Edition

5.0 out of 5 stars

Like fresh manna from heaven

“Lest We Forget” is one of those books that you will not want to put down. Like fresh manna from heaven, the book is masterfully and beautifully written, full of wise counsel, filled with life changing applications and is simply a blessing to read. This book is a faith builder that will help to guide you into greater depths of God’s plans and purposes for your life. “Lest We Forget” shares pearls that open doors to kingdom principles and truths that will enable you to live a prosperous and abundant life through the simplicity of the understanding of who you are in Christ and the gifts that God has blessed you with. The author (Otis Teague) brings to the forefront from personal experience that all knowledge begins with God, His living Word and God’s plans and purposes in our lives. This book will enable every reader to take hold of powerful kingdom truths



Format: Hardcover




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Otis Teague was born in Marks, Mississippi, but grew up in Chicago, Illinois.  He is a retired military veteran, who proudly served his country in the Army for 20+ years.  Otis spent twelve of those years in Germany and deployed to numerous other overseas locations, which contributed to his love for traveling. After retiring, he continued service as a Department of Defense Contractor working for two Fortune 500 companies in support of soldiers serving in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  He is currently working in the Middle East, where he plans to finish his latest Spy thriller "SHERMAN SCOTT" due out  in 2021, which could potentially be the next "Bourne Identity Series". He enjoys Arabic food and writes about the Arab culture. He currently plans to relocate to Florida once he decides to fully retire, and simply enjoy what he loves most, touring as much of the world as possible, share his passion for writing, and inspiring others to recognize their purpose and potential.

Otis Teague, Author of Inspirational, Thriller, and Science Fiction Novels

The world is filled with many opportunities that we often miss if we are not careful or inspired to find them. Not everyone is a writer, but everyone has a story to tell; a story that just maybe the spark of inspiration one need to see opportunity.


There are many publishing companies looking for inspiring writers. No matter the publisher; Readers please support writers and inspiring writers by taking a moment to write reviews or recommend their work to others. Please, let authors know what you thought of their book and how

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Thank you all for the tons of support. I am eternally grateful and hope I can continue to write books that inspire us all.




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