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Second Edition

Purpose draws potential. Potential brings to life destiny. “Understanding you have a purpose is the first brick on the road to destiny!” -Otis Teague This book asked the question, is the church the world's only hope? That with all the challenges and changes people are facing within today's society in the game called life, when there is an ever-increasing need for hope, where is the church, and has the church simply been sidelined with injuries? One of the greater questions is, have we lost sight of the things in this world that really matter? Do people still matter, or has that focus been lost behind all the distractions, turmoil, and mentalities of how much I can I gain in the here and now? A book that speaks to your heart about how much you matter to God, letting you know that God loves and that no matter what you have done or where you are in your life that you can make it! If you would just get to know him, trust that he is a keeper of his word, and simply give him a chance to show you yourself. The challenges we face are never more than we could handle, though we never think about that while we are going through them. But after you live through that significant life-changing event, you should realize and know that nothing can overtake you unless you let it, and nothing is greater than the love God has for you.





We had to delay this book due to other commitments, but it will be out spring 2021, it is an inspiration read. Please follow the website for updates on release date.  The story behind the book is what is so fascinating. How two couples who live hundreds of miles apart have an encounter that has started something wonderful.

Linda Fontenot and her Husband Kenneth were in Houston, TX for medical reasons. Linda keeps journals of her conversations with God and what he puts on her heart to write. Well it happens that Orie and Shirley Johnson were also in Houston visiting the same medical facility.


Linda would leave copies of her journals to share and for others to read and enjoy the Good News of God's Awesomeness, one of the Journal pages were shared with Shirley and Orie Johnson. The journey started from there, they discussed the potential of the journal becoming a published book for others to read not only in the United States, but around the World.


Equally happy about the project, they began to communicate discussing progress and how the whole project would come together.



BC Spy Thriller Series

America's biggest secret is secret no longer! Secret Societies have long been a part of American history. Some have been established to protect their country, and others have been breed to inflict pain upon thier country enemies.


Book#2 of the SHERMAN SCOTT BC Spy Series ventures back to the beginning of it all. The recruiting, training and how Sherman Scott came to be one of the most infamous spies of the 21st century. This book tells the story of how a child who lost everything and left for dead turned out to be one of the most brilliant individuals of his time that is only spoken of in secret elite, because not many people know of their existence. Black Clandestine spies have been part of our secret societies since the end of slavery.


Look for Sherman Scott in Book Stores in 2021.